Transparent Gildron

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Transparent Gildron
(Gildon vas)

2/?, unknown cause
Creator Nergali Other
Gildon vas
Epoch/Generation 2/145
Habitat Mason Polar Coast , Mason Polar Ocean (Sunlight Zone)
Size Microscopic
Support Unknown
Diet Photosynthesis
Respiration Unknown
Thermoregulation Unknown
Reproduction Asexual, Spores

Splitting from its ancestor, the transparent gildron has simplified its body plan even more and has, as its name suggests, become transparent to a degree with its nucleus partially visible. This is due to a thinner shell that requires less silica to create, thus it can spend more energy on reproduction as a means to stay near the surface. Spreading throughout the global ocean of Mason, the transparent gildron has become extremely successful, forming vast plankton blooms that tint the water a faint yellow.