Generation 145

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Disaster (Solar Flare)
A massive solar flare from Sagan has hit  Sagan 4 and Mason. The flare triggered wildfires and glacial
melts on both stellar bodies, which hit Sagan 4 particularly hard, as the global glaciation has caused
all remaining land biomes to have lower available moisture, allowing the fires to spread unchecked. 
This coincided with a warming period, helping to accelerate the melting of the glaciers further, which 
both decreased albedo and dumped massive chunks of fresh water into the oceans causing a domino 
event leading to geologically rapid increases in sea levels and complete ecosystem destabilization,
leading to the deaths of all organisms larger than 1 meter. Now heading out of the ice age, Sagan 4 is 
continuing to get warmer, as methane trapped in the permafrost add greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere.
Ice drifts during this period became a significant contributor to the spread of species to disparate regions,
with the southern Fermi continent in particular becoming home to species from all major land masses.

Mason saw a similar melting event, however due to its relatively level and undefined landscape has caused
nearly all previous exposed terrain to be submerged. Only a small island in the southern pole remains.
Mason has also has been losing volcanic activity over the eons, and has save for sporadic minor events lost
all major volcanic activity. Without the volcanoes replenishing lost greenhouse gases it cannot sustain its
atmosphere thickness. This thinning, while not bad now, will eventually lead to the loss of it and its new 
ocean in the future if nothing happens to stabilize the loss.