Generation 150

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Disaster (Solar Wind)

 It was only a matter of time before Mason loss its atmosphere due to no longer
 having a magnetic field to block the solar wind. As the atmosphere got thinner
 and thinner the more the oceans evaporated. As they did they formed an icy ring
 around Sagan 4. This new ring now rains frequent ice meteors, however not enough
 to hurt Sagan 4, just help in the raising of its oceans.
 With little to no atmosphere and an ever shrinking ocean the life on Mason had to
 adapt. They formed a giant living reef at the bottom of the trench. This reef
 helped protect the species inside from the harmful cosmic rays and keep whats left
 of the water on Mason from evaporating. At the bottom of the trench are 2 cave
 systems which connect down to Mason's water table. The lack of an atmosphere also
 means Mason will get more craters since it cannot block small meteors anymore.
 Meanwhile on Sagan 4 it has continued to recover from its ice age and now has its
 tropical biomes return. It has gotten so warm that its year round polar glaciers
 have all melted leaving only marine ice sheets at the poles. With the melted
 glaciers the sea level has also risen and has allowed for the Midnight Zone to
 appear in the ocean now that it is that much deeper.