River Rustmold

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River Rustmold
(Protomasonia primoribellua)

Creator Nergali Other
Protomasonia primoribellua
Epoch/Generation 1/140
Habitat West Mason Polar Scrub , Negative Polar River , Negative Bog
Size Microscopic
Diet Lithovore (Iron, Copper)
Reproduction Binary Fission, Sexual (Plasmoidal)

The river rustmold is one of the first microbial species to evolve on the moon Mason. As its ancestors used up the nutrients found on the dead orbit voltflora seed that carried them to the planet, they slowly began to die out before some of their descendants managed to adapt to the planet, quickly replacing them within a relatively short time.

In order to survive the harsh conditions of the moon, it is capable of forming large colonies like one of its ancestor the rust mold which is protected by a thick biofilm. This biofilm keeps them separated from the elements while also allowing nutrients in. Their new organelles help them to break down these nutrients so that they can get more energy from them.

This species thrives in the waters of Mason, forming thick biofilms on all available surfaces. They thrive on iron and copper wherever it is available.