Red Smoolk

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Red Smoolk
(Macrotoxica ruber)
Creator ShachonianX Other
Macrotoxica ruber
Epoch/Generation 2/149
Habitat Mason Reef, Mason Barren Wasteland
Size 1 cm
Support Unknown
Diet Lithovore (Iron, Iron Oxide), Detritivore, Photosynthesis
Respiration Unknown
Thermoregulation Unknown
Reproduction Aesexual, Resilient Airborne Spores, Fragmentation

Splitting from its ancestor, the red smoolk now feeds off the iron in the ground. They can sometimes be found in colonies, which depends on where the spores land. Red Smoolks thrive in the Mason Barren Wasteland, since there are no lifeforms there that could eat them. In the case that something should eat them, they are partially poisonous. In the Mason Reef, however, there are more creatures that could eat them. This is where the toxicity comes in handy.

With Mason slowly losing its atmosphere, some smoolks became lithovores. By doing this, they are able to create oxygen using iron oxide in the ground, creating a chemical reaction. This chemical reaction creates carbon dioxide, and using photosynthesis then creates oxygen for the atmosphere, helping Mason's atmosphere stay. Also, by feeding on iron oxide, they convert it into iron, creating their own food source.