Crowned Gilgic

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Crowned Gilgic
(Pestelaflora arnoldus)

23/?, unknown cause
Creator Solpimr Other
Pestelaflora arnoldus
Epoch/Generation 1/143
Habitat East Mason Polar Scrub, West Mason Polar Scrub, Flisch Volcanic, Krakow Volcanic, Russ Volcanic, Yokto Volcanic, Mason Polar Beach, Negative Bog, Penumbra Bog, Putspooza Bog
Size Microscopic
Support Unknown
Diet Photosynthesis
Respiration Unknown
Thermoregulation Unknown
Reproduction Asexual, Resilient Airborne Spores

The crowned gilgic split from its ancestor. They are often found on the surface of stagnant pools where they float on their flat bottoms photosynthesizing. However, should they be consumed by a multicellular trinucleozoa the high concentrations of toxins in the cells cause vomiting and diarrhea. The gilgics then bloom on the piles of vomit or excrement turning them greenish yellow until they dry out and the gilgics die and release spores.

The toxin that breaks down the trinucleozoa cells is blue causing a green color in the otherwise yellow cells. The photosynthetic tentacles are arranged radially in three rows of six and are the most yellow part of the organism because of their higher concentration of yellow "chloroplasts".