Agbees Formation

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Agbees Formation

Creator Coolsteph Other
Epoch 3
Habitat Mason Barren Wasteland

The Agbees Formation is a patch of land in the Mason Barren Wasteland northwest of the Mason Reef. The area is characterized by its richness in limonite and galena.

File:Agbees Formation Map.png

(Agbees Formation location in red)

It is called the "Agbees Formation" after a particular interesting rock there. The rock resembles a terrified face whose mouth is stuffed with bees, hence: "Aaaagh! Bees!" (Most of the rocks there do not resemble screaming faces.)

Other minerals in the area include goethite, akagenite, lepidocrocite, jarosite, olivine, pyroxene, amphibole, biotite and gold.