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Image by Yannick

Sagan 4

The Mason Project is a side project to the greater Sagan 4 Project, an alien planet ecosystem project originally started by Hydromancerx inspired by Carl Sagan's video Life on this alien planet started from a single cell organism. It is now populated with many species of flora and fauna all created by artists who love drawing and xenobiology. Submissions take place on the Sagan 4 main forum.

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Mason is a moon with conditions similar to Earth. All of its life derives from a single cell, Protosagania, but the direct ancestors were seeded directly from Sagan 4. Feel free to dig through the Wiki to see all of the species and environments.

Below is a random selection of living species; click any one of them to learn more!
  • Gildring
  • Northern Gildring
  • Fuskovnik
  • Uncitrullus Smoolk
  • Limon Smoolk
  • Nose Smoolk
  • Terraton
  • Quat Smoolk
  • Towering Stiltbulb
  • Smoolks
  • Gildlings
  • Toxic Airbulb
  • Modular Gelatus
  • Burrowing Provuci
  • Crustling
  • Crustucillus
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